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Handmade jewelry, straight from the artist. Every piece is unique and made only once. If you find Yourself Unique then this is the jewelry for You!

Image description

The artist

I've been making handmade jewelry as a hobby since 2010. At some point I discovered that other people also like my work and so I made my designs available for everybody. Blanca is my artist name which I use for creating  jewelry.


Find your jewelry

I'm making mostly 4 types of items: earrings, bracelets, necklaces and head jewelry. You may take a look at my created pieces under Jewelry. If you like my style but can't really find anything then all custom requests are welcome.

Head jewelry


If you find something you'd like to order then copy that picture's name (opens on the right side after clicking on the picture) and send it to me using form on contact page or  Facebook (there you can also send sample pictures for custom order).